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Mac OS 9.2 Essential Software

Mac OS 9.2 Essential Software

Everything you need

Now that we have a fresh system, it’s time to install some software on it. Next is a list of various software you’ll need to fully take advantage of Mac OS 9.2.2.

To save time and for ease of use, I have compiled all the software in this list in a an HFS formatted disc image file available here : link
Burn it on a CD-Rom and easily install to your system.

– Acrobat Reader 5.1(link)

The free pdf viewer from Adobe.

– AppleScript 1.8.3(link)

AppleScript let you create and execute scripts to automate various tasks on your Mac. The 1.8.3 version patches a lot of bugs from the previous 1.7 version.

– AstralSoup SensePack for QuickTime(link)

All the audio and video codec you need, compiled in an easy all-in-one installer. This pack includes the following : OGG Vorbis, DivX (and its variants), AC3, iPix and more…

– Audion 3.0.2(link)

One of the best and complete audio player available on Mac OS, customizable with a multitude of skins.

– Classilla 9.3.4b(link)

Classilla was an updated release of Mozilla for Mac OS 8.6 and 9 offered from 2009 to 2021. Even if it is not maintained anymore, this is still the greatest web browser available on Mac OS 9.

– Fetch 4.0.3(link)

This FTP client is a must have to transfer files to and from your Mac.

– ITunes 2.0.4(link)

The famous audio player by Apple.

– Quicktime 6.0.3(link)

The latest version available for Mac OS 9 of the Apple video player.

– Ssheven 8.9(link)

A modern ssh client supporting modern encryption protocols.

– StuffIt Deluxe 7.0.3(link)

The standard file compression tool for Mac OS. Open .sit, .bin and more.

– USB Overdrive 1.4(link)

USB Overdrive will let you use and fully exploit third-party usb mouse. This soft will enable scrolling and right click on Mac OS.

– Virtual CD/DVD-ROM Utility 1.0d3(link)

This program will easily let you mount CD/DVD image file on Mac OS 9. It support .toast, .iso, .img and more.

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